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About Dustin

Dustin Farnsworth

Administrative Coordinator

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Dustin, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience, joined the Northwest Financial Group, LLC team in September 2023 as an Administrative Coordinator. Dustin brings with him a remarkable background in the military, having served in the Active Army for 22 years. Dustin began his Military career In 1999 at the Portland MEPS and eventually found himself teaching military science at Oregon State University, marking his final duty station before retiring honorably.

Dustin resides in Adair Village and is a dedicated parent to his two children, Cayden and Avelyn. He is currently pursuing a dual degree, working towards completing a BS in computer science and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at OSU, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and personal growth.

Dustin’s passion for sports and coaching shines through in his involvement with the Marksmanship Club at OSU, where he lends his expertise to aspiring athletes. In his leisure moments, he finds joy in the rhythm of tennis matches and the exhilaration of surfing along the Central Oregon Coast.

With a diverse background and a solid educational foundation, Dustin embodies dedication, discipline, and a commitment to excellence in all his endeavors, making him a valuable asset to the Northwest Financial Group, LLC team.